Application process and forms


In order to stimulate collaboration and learning among think tanks, the Think Tank Initiative (TTI), the Think Tank Fund (TTF) and On Think Tanks will support a series of multilateral exchanges, followed by bilateral collaborations, involving eight think tanks. This is a call for proposals from think tanks interested in participating in these exchanges and carrying collaborative research.

The first phase will involve a series of multilateral “exchange events” involving researchers from the selected think tanks. These events will take place between February and June 2014 and will bring together the same cohort of researchers from the selected think tanks in two 4-5 day meetings and about three webinars. The aim of the exchanges is to create stronger relationships among participating researchers; to examine and discuss the barriers to collaboration between think tanks, and to plan collaborative research projects (follow this link for some examples).

These research projects will involve collaborative work either on specific public policy issues or organisational development issues relevant to the think tanks. They will be carried out in the second phase of the project, from September 2014 to June 2015.

Think tanks interested in participating should apply by 30 November 2013.

The think thanks who decide to apply should nominate one of their researchers to participate in the events and carry out collaborative research. The application should be accompanied by a letter from the think tank’s Executive Director expressing their interest in participating and their commitment and capacity to host an exchange meeting. Think tanks that have already identified potential partners for collaborative research projects are welcome to apply (the potential partners may submit a ‘linked’ application -making a clear reference to the other think tank). Other think tanks will have the opportunity to identify partners and develop collaborative research projects during the multilateral exchanges.

Criteria for selection include:

  • The quality of the researchers put forward as participants by the Executive Directors;
  • Commitment by the think tank’s leadership to the project – including willingness of the Executive Director to serve on the Steering Committee (not much work involved) of the initiative;
  • Capacity of the think tank to help with local logistics and communications for the exchanges (at least 4 think tans will get to host the meetings and 6 will help organise a webinar) -this is not a condition to be accepted. Please do not just say you can if you do not think you would be able to. This alone will not necessarily count against your candidate’s application;
  • Commonality of public policy and organisational development capacities and interests (this will be assessed to find the most appropriate mix of think tanks).

At least one think tank will be selected from each of the following regions: Latin America, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, the Former Soviet Union, East Africa, and West Africa.

The selection will be made in December 2013.



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